Sunday, 6 May 2012

Beauty Product Packaging

A very simple range that relies on the colour of the product. A transparent bottle and simple design where the logo is effectively placed that the bottom of the packaging. From afar I feel that this brand looks fairly cheap, and sold to the nation, similar to the 'boots own brand' of products. I want to avoid making the design look cheap because of the design being simple. I need to keep it simple but still have style. 

An interesting shape packaging, purely type based and very simple. Even thought the bottle shape is more unusual, the design and layout of packaging is similar to the bottle range above and is projected as a cheaper line of a product. 
I like this bottle range just because of the logo name and appearance. The rest of the bottle doesn't really work but I like how the brand name has a texture / pattern to fill it, making it more interesting and appearing more stylish. 

Interesting shape bottle which the brand name and logo reflects, interesting and stands out however I think that there is too much text on the front of the mascara. 

This isn't a beauty brand but an example of simple, bold typography that makes the product stand out as well as the product function or appearance becoming the main type focus. 

Bold appearance, good range but not very legible, the type almost becomes an image. I like the concept behind it though, the way the product has been described on the front. 

A Boots line that has been given a vintage, dated, stylish and classic appearnce. The slightly muted tones of colour combined with the various serif and more illustrative typefaces works really well and has completely steered the range of products away from being the stores in brand. 

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